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An Adult LEGO® Hobbyist Event held each October at the Seattle Center.
2019 - Thursday  October 3rd: 8am to Sunday October 6th: 6pm @ Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

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BrickCon is a Convention for Adult Lego Hobbyists

Registration for 2019 is being prepared!

BrickCon 2019 – our 18th Con – will be October 3-6




BrickCon 2018: Hidden Worlds!

2018 continues our emphasis on play! We invite all Builders to consider collaborations!

Its focus is on building friendships and community through the sharing of time, ideas, building techniques and unique creations. BrickCon is a four-day convention for adult fans, collectors, and builders of LEGO®.

Held in Seattle, WA, attendees from across the country and around the world come together to share friendships, show their LEGO® creations, learn from each other, and meet new friends. Celebrating its 17th return to the Seattle Center, BrickCon is the longest running fan-based LEGO® convention.


Hidden Worlds

Worlds within Worlds

Mix up the Themes! Hide something that “doesn’t belong”! Make it Fun!

Build something to show your Hidden Worlds!


BrickCon 2018 Draft Sets Announced!

 Medium Draft - 41350 Spinning Car Wash (~$30)

Large Draft - 41456 Unikingdom Fairground Fun (~$40)

Super Draft (Not yet Announced) -


Friends and Family Night

BrickCon hosts a Friends and Family Night, Friday, October 5 from 8:30pm to 10pm. Attendees may invite their family and friends to the event at no charge. The only requirement is that the attendee must meet their visitors at the door and escort them during the event.


BrickCon 2018 Gaming

BrickCon has discovered that gaming is more fun when it happens within the Ex Hall among all your fellow builders. Competitive gaming will be held Thursday and Friday.  Be sure to sign up for your games through* before September 28. There will be no game sign-ups on site or in person.

*You will gain access to after your registration is completed.


Private Convention Attendance Policy

We reserve the right to limit attendance to those 14 and older.

Children under 14 are not allowed to become Registered Attendees of BrickCon’s Private Convention.

Children 14 to 17 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult for them to attend.

(There is no age restriction to the BrickCon Public Exhibition.)

Please write the BrickCon Staff (Contact Us – Registrar) for clarification.


Private Convention Registration

Save Money! Register Early!

Early Bird Registration – until July 15th – $65
Regular Registration – July 16th through September 18th – $75
Late Registration – September 19th through September 28th – $100
At-The-Door Registration – beginning October 4th – $120

Online Registration will be open in April.


Badge and Brick Info

BrickCon provides custom bricks for Registered Attendees who register before September 18.

There will be two (2) engraved, customizable 1×8 bricks

(1 Red w/White ink and 1 Yellow w/Black ink) for each Registrant plus the Blue “BrickCon 2018″ brick.

A separate secure entry badge will be provided.


Public Exhibition Days:

On Saturday and Sunday, the general public is invited in to be amazed, observe our creations and meet our terrific builders to learn some of their techniques, or just enjoy the creativity and humor so many builders include in their displays.

Discover one of the world’s best gatherings dedicated to the LEGO® hobby at BrickCon!

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